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The Jets Made The White Move

Sorry, it was there. I’ve lived through a lot of the New York Jets quarterback controversies. The Jets are one of the top fan bases for hoping their backup can displace the starter and be the next franchise quarterback. To date, that’s never happened successfully, but there have been good short-term gains.

Mike White was terrific in the win against the Chicago Bears minus Justin Fields. I’m not worried about the stats. I’m not. I just knew the Jets needed this game, and winning by one point would have been fine by me. I’m not going to get carried away beyond that.

The Jets are now 7-4. They play the Minnesota Vikings next week and then the Buffalo Bills. Both are road games, and the Jets need to split to be right in the thick of the playoff hunt.

Jets offensive coordinator, Mike Lafleur got to use more of his playbook. He had hoped Zach Wilson could do what White did and who knows, maybe he will down the road, but that’s a conversation for another day. Right now, the re-emergence of Ty Johnson is nice, but I want to see Michael Carter get more carries than he does.

The Jets only ran the ball 32 times. That will have to increase against the better teams. Rookie Zonovan Knight had 103 combined yards in his first-ever game. If the undrafted back had this potential, why trade for James Robinson? Robinson has good acceleration, and I hope he gets back in the mix. He averaged 3.7 yards per carry against the Bills with a receiving touchdown. Knight is a power runner, so Robinson and Carter should be the speed and Johnson just a pass catcher out of the backfield.

Nothing to worry about regarding the receivers. It’s all working out and everybody is happy. Garrett Wilson’s two touchdowns and first-down catches were nice to see. Elijah Moore is back on track.

The defense is great. It is. If they are susceptive to short passes in the middle of the field, I can live with that.

Greg Zeurlein kicked his second 57-yard field goal of the season. He’s been great.

The Jets can’t give up 4.4 yards per carry to the Vikings next week. Dalvin Cook has averaged 4.7 yards per carry, and he has 1,001 combined yards this season. Considering how good the Jets’ pass rush is, make Kirk Cousins beat you. He might get happy feet. It’s possible.

The Jets are starting to get more respect on broadcasts and with the pre and postgame crews. That’s good.

The Jets need to remember they’re a running team. White isn’t going to be this good every week. Game plan for that and make sure the offense is more balanced. That’s sustainable.

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