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The Jets Should Go 0-16

I think there’s a large part of the fanbase that wants this team to go 0-16. That would guarantee the first overall selection, and it would guarantee the firing of head coach, Adam Gase. Even though this season has now set them back at least 2-3 more, I think this is what the large part of the fan base wants.

Jets general manager Joe Douglas is stocking the shelves with draft picks for the next three drafts. Will that make a big difference? It depends on who is making those selections since the players from this year’s draft have been good and bad. The worst already got cut, and the good are still playing for now. I don’t want to harp on the draft until the end of the season.

Jets fans still haven’t heard from Douglas since he stated the media was wrong about his team being bad this year. If he believed that, then you have to question his plan, if you don’t, then you can blindly think this is the path for the Jets to take, without Sam Darnold as soon as next season.

Trevor Lawrence will probably come out but that doesn’t mean he will want to play for the Jets. We will see how all of that shakes out because Darnold’s future is now hanging in the balance until we know that answer.

The Jets have a passionate fan base who are at the lowest point I can remember. Ever, and that goes back to the post-Namath years and the Rich Kotite years, and yes, as I said before, he was a bad head coach but not as bad as Gase. He’s the worst in the history of the franchise. We can’t count Lou Holtz because he didn’t last the season after quitting before the final game of the season.

Winning games in garbage time now don’t help the Jets. They are trading away their last marketable pieces other a Marcus Maye and Jamison Crowder, and we don’t know that they’re safe. The key rookies from this year are safe, not much else is. So, figuring out player development this season is largely lost. You may be able to pull some positive analytics in these horrendous losing efforts, maybe, but as a whole, teams will start to play their backup quarterbacks in every third quarter, and when the season starts winding down, teams that are in the playoffs will rest key players.

This season has been painful to watch, and it’s not over. The bye week just stops losing for a week. So around 5 PM Tuesday, we should hear from Douglas. Will he now say the team is in “full rebuild” mode. Jets GMs of the past have turned on a dime to save face and said just that. We knew there was a rebuild going on, but now you can’t pretend the team has any chance of winning meaningful games this season, next season, and then we’ll see.

Chris Johnson and hopefully Woody will be vocal. If not, they’re just making strides in killing their business. Jets fans will watch on television but getting them to show up at Met Life the next few years will be more challenging than ever before. Maybe they need to add to the “Ring of Honor”. Put Rich Caster in. His yards per reception are right behind Wesley Walker and Don Maynard. His run from 70-77 was good, and younger Jets fans would kill for a tight end who played like a wide receiver or Mickey Shuler. I’ve trumpeted his career before as well. The older fans who have never seen the team in the Super Bowl are losing faith quickly.

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