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The NFL Should Pause The Season For Two Weeks

This is a massive asterisk season for the NFL this year. On Sunday, the Broncos will attempt to play the Saints without any of their three quarterbacks? At that point, is it a football game? It’s not looking good for Tuesday’s Ravens games, 18 players for the Ravens are on the Covid-19 list, and the Steelers are up to five as of Saturday night. The twice-postponed game is supposed to be played on Tuesday. Pause the season before it gets worse, including, finding a place for the 49ers to play. Santa Clara County has now ruled out professional, collegiate, and amateur sports until further notice. The 49ers need a place to play next Monday night, they are scheduled to play the Bills. The virus has exceeded the NFL’s plan to get through the season without a stoppage. Admitting that now and coming back with a better plan is the only way they will get through this season.

Will Los Angeles shut down the Rams next? The NFL has to get ahead of these kinds of things so they can play and pause for a few weeks is the way to go. Players need to wear masks everywhere. They aren’t. Some on the Dallas game didn’t have them fully on, when on the bench, apparently the Broncos quarterbacks didn’t have them on according to a report by Adam Schefter.

If all it took was throwing money at a situation like this the NFL could power through it. If the league listens to Jerry Jones, then this will get messy. He was pushing for fans when most teams and doctors agreed it was a bad idea.

As of Saturday night, the NFL hasn’t canceled the Broncos-Saints game. These games will get less competitive over the next month while the virus continues to surge, and by the time the Super Bowl comes around, are we going to count this Lombardi winner as good as last year’s? There’s a good chance we won’t if the path was made too easy or the Covid list gets too large.

Watching the games, you can see some players aren’t taking the NFL precautions seriously during games, and we don’t see practices, so who knows how that’s going?

Cut down on practices, go back to zoom sessions, and lock down the players and staff a bit more for the next month and a half. That’s what it will take to finish the season with some semblance of competitive balance.

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