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What’s Next For Wright?

David Wright is on his way to the disabled list. This comes after he was diagnosed with a herniated disk in his neck late last night.

This isn’t news. It shouldn’t be. Not when he missed the past five games with neck issues.

He has been playing in pain all season, and there were times he had to be a game day scratch because he was in too much pain to play.

He hasn’t been right since spring training. He was walking slowly then. He struggled to throw to third when the season started. He had a hard time swinging at pitches.

It was sad to watch Wright be a shell of himself.

Being on the disabled list had to happen for him. It wasn’t getting better watching him go through this anymore. He did all he could to play through pain. He was useless in the end.

Wright and the Mets have to wonder what’s next. The injuries are not going away anytime soon. Once a human being has a bad back, he or she can’t function at a high level anymore.

Ever since Wright was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, it has been a struggle for him.

There’s no question he was never going to be the player he was 10 years ago because of his age. He is 33 years old. Still, he had some value. He did contribute for the Mets. He was able to hit home runs on occasion. He was even able to get base hits.

He might as well be a poor man’s Ryan Howard from now on, which is being ineffective.

The Mets said their third baseman will be out 4-6 weeks. They also thought he was going to be out for a few days prior to being on the disabled list, and here he is right now.

The Mets are hoping their once superstar comes back soon. The reality is they don’t know what’s going to happen, and neither does Wright.

Wright will try to play through it once he comes back, but if the back is not willing, there’s nothing he can do.

What’s next for Wright? That’s the question everyone wants to know.

He is not going to retire in the middle of his contract. It’s not about the money for him. It’s about showing he still has so much left in him. It’s about winning a championship with the Mets.

He is not going to bail on a sport he loves. He will try his best to be out there.

Everyone is rooting for him. He is everything that is right about baseball. He gives the Mets an honest work for honest pay. He conducts himself the right way. He is a pro’s pro.

Despite Mets fans being frustrated with Wright’s lack of productivity, they still root for him to get a big hit.

When attending a game at Citi Field last Friday, the place erupted when Wright homered in the fourth inning to give the Mets a 4-1 lead. Not only was it loud from the stands, but one can feel the emotion from the food stands and in the Bullpen Gate.

They understand what he is going through. They know he is giving everything he got. They know he is trying. It’s why he hasn’t been booed at home.

It’s commendable he is playing through a bad back. Still, there comes a time when he has to say “No Mas”. That time may come soon.

It may be after this season or it could be after two years, but it’s coming. Wright knows it. The Mets know it.

It’s sad it has come down to this for him.  He takes so much pride being a Met. He loves the game. For this to happen to him, it’s cruel.

The Mets are going to make due without Wright for the time being. They have no choice. They may have to prepare for life after him this season. Deep down, they know it.

They won’t say it publicly. It’s a sensitive issue. They don’t want to give the impression they are giving up on Wright.

But that won’t put a stop to a bad back from going away. Don Mattingly can attest to that.

This is who Wright is now in a nutshell.

The Mets and Wright can keep saying all they want this is not career-threatening. Technically, it’s not.

But there comes a time when both have to deal with reality.


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