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Welcome to 2018 and by popular demand, the third in the series of teasing, tantalizing, tough questions about the New York Yankees. Enjoy. And reminder, no peeking. If you get half the answers correct you are an All Star.
31. Who founded “Yankeeland Farm” in Frederick, Maryland after his playing career ended and had a successful career as a breeder?
A Charlie Keller B Tom Tresh C Elston Howard D Bob Kuzava
32. Who was the central figure when the first Old-Timer’s game was staged in a major-league park and the first uniform number retired?
A. Babe Ruth B. Lou Gehrig C Lefty Gomez D. Joe McCarthy
33. Who was the General Manager before Brian Cashman?
A. Bob Watson B. Lou Piniella C. Bob Quinn D. Gene Michael
34. How Many games did Ron Guidry win in his record Cy Young season of 1978?
A. 19 B. 20 C. 23. D. 25
35. Who was nicknamed “Chairman of the Board”?
A. Whitey Ford B. Reggie Jackson C. Yogi Berra D. Frank Howard
36. Who was the last Yankee and major leaguer to wear Number 42?
A. Billy Martin B. Mariano Rivera C. Carlos Beltran D. Johnny Blanchard
37. Who wore #51 for sixteen Yankees seasons, from 1991-2006?
A. Paul O’Neill B. Hideo Matsui C. Bernie Williams D. Jorge Posada
38. Who replaced Joe Torre as Yankee manager in 2008?
39. Who was called “Donnie Baseball”?
40. Who made the first error in the “House That Ruth Built?” And Bonus who made first error in new Yankee Stadium?
A. Lou Gehrig B. Babe Ruth C. Tony Lazzeri D. Wally Pipp
41. What pitcher did Bucky Dent hit the go-ahead home run off at Fenway Park in the 1978 tie breaker game?
A. Mike Torrez B. Dennis Eckersley C. Bill Lee D. Bob Stanley
42. Mickey Mantle hits his final home run, off a Red Sox Pitcher. Who was he?
A. Ray Culp B. Jim Lonborg C. Jose Santiago D. Sparky Lyle
43. Who has put in more consecutive years as the everyday play-by-play announcer than anyone else in Yankees history?
A. Red Barber B. Mel Allen C. John Sterling D. Curt Gowdy
44. What was the smallest single game Yankee Stadium crowd?
A. 1,000 B. 413 C. 5400 D. 8810
45. Who asked: “Where is Reggie Jackson? We need Mr. October or a Mr. September. Winfield is Mr. May.”
46. How many times did George Steinbrenner change manager during his first twenty-three seasons?
A. 10 B 15 C18. D. 20
47. Who made up the “Core Four”?
48. Who said “Yankee Stadium was a mistake, not mine, but the Giants.”
A. Yogi Berra B. Harry Frazee C. Jake Rupert D. Babe Ruth
49. Very tough one: What is the significance of 3,465 to the Yankees?
50. When did the Yankees play at Shea Stadium when Yankee Stadium was being refurbished?



31. A Charlie Keller
32. B. Lou Gehrig
33. A. Bob Watson
34. C. 25-3
35. A. Whitey Ford
36. B. Mariano Rivera
37. C. Bernie Williams
38. Joe Girardi
39. Don Mattingly
40. B. Babe Ruth *Bonus: Tony Graffanino, throw to first base, fifth inning
41. A. Mike Torrez
42. B. Jim Lonborg
43. C. John Sterling
44. B. 413
45. George Steinbrenner
46. D. Twenty times,
47. Derek Jeter, Jose Posada, Andy Petite, Mariano Rivera
48. C. Jake Ruppert
49. Derek Jeter’s final hit total. Only five players in the history of baseball recorded more: Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial and Tris Speaker.
50. 1974 and 1975
Some of the material in this article was excerpted from Frommer’s The Ultimate Yankee Book
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Frommer is an expert on the New York Yankees and has arguably written more books, articles and reviews on the New York Yankees than anyone. In 2010, he was honored by the City of New York to serve as historical consultant for the re-imagined old Yankee Stadium site, Heritage Field
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