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Ballplayer Melissa Mayeux Should Be Drafted This June

Major League Baseball will have its annual June Draft on the 10th and 11th. This year it’s gone through a big change. It’s only five rounds long and players won’t be getting nearly what they used to upfront because of the pandemic and the change in the format. One storyline could be the drafting of shortstop Melissa Mayeux.

Now 21, she made headlines at 16, playing in the U18s against men. Then MLB added her to the national registry in 2015. She has continued to play ball. Softball at Miami Dade and baseball in select tournaments around the country. At Miami Dade, she hit .371 with eight homers and 27 RBI.

She’s of French descent and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has currently accepted a full ride to the University. Before the pause, she played in 19 games hitting .294 with 15 hits, four home runs, and 13 runs scored. The Rajun Cajuns were ranked 7th before their season was cut short. Can women’s softball numbers translate to major league baseball? I believe they can.

I’ve played both and the key is having a level swing. She has that. Her swing will work no matter the game. It’s not that hard of an adjustment.

Here’s a look at her talent:

If I had a say I would draft her. Not to make history. Because she’s good enough to try and crack the big leagues someday. Barry Larkin and Steve Finley, both great players in their own right, Larkin a Hall of Famer, think she can do it.

Let’s see how this progresses.

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