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Cris Collinsworth Ruined the Super Bowl 52 Broadcast

Cris Collinsworth derailed the broadcast to the point that a lot of people wanted to turn off the sound. It seemed for the larger part of this game he was on the wrong side of the coverage.

He was wrong on every review, now the NFL is a partner in that because the “catch” rule has been a joke all year. The referees did get it right in this game but not according to Collinsworth who apparently felt that way even after the game was over.

Calling the game down the middle is something I always felt was the way to do it on a national level. Al Michaels wasn’t as sharp as he usually is but Collinsworth led him down a bad path more than once.

When Nick Foles caught that great touchdown pass, even he would probably admit that Collinsworth talked about this play more times than what was necessary. The NBC coverage boiled this coverage down to Foles vs. Brady and it was more than that.

In the second half, it was all Patriots all the time. Once the Patriots got the lead, Collinsworth kept trying to figure out how the Eagles can lose rather than the talking about great coaching performance of Doug Pederson and his staff. Even on the Patriots last drive the “talking points” were how Brady could get this done rather than how the Eagles just need a stop or two to win their first Super Bowl.

I know the score with high and the total yardage was ridiculous, but there were a lot of nuances that happened in this game that were missed.

Folks at the party I was at were moaning and groaning for most of the broadcast and it got worse in the second half. A pro Patriots bias was the battle cry and if you ask me a wide receiver bias was on display. I get Collinsworth was a former wide receiver, a good one, but he hasn’t grown at all as an analyst. That’s all he could talk about. He’s a one-trick pony.

Collinsworth turned out to be the second biggest story in the Super Bowl. I haven’t heard anyone who was happy with it whether it be online, in person, via text or phone. The game was great. The action was fantastic but the analysis was bad and there’s no real way of measuring that. The only way would be to see how the radio ratings were. My guess is they got a boost.

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5 thoughts on “Cris Collinsworth Ruined the Super Bowl 52 Broadcast

  1. Makes you appreciate the really good color commentary guys doing NFL and how much better the experience could have been.

  2. He was beyond terrible last night .all he did was down the Eagles and talk about how the Patriots where winning when they were up 1 pt .then he was moaning about the Ertz td and saying the review booth got it wrong .he sucks

  3. Very unprofessional. I felt like he would rather be in his own living room, giving his personal comments to his family than be on tv doing his job.

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