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Deckers X Lab Sneakers Are Well Crafted

I recently tested a pair of DeckersXLab sneakers. These are sneakers that are advertised as well-engineered, and I have to tell you they live up to the billing.

When you open the box, you see a lab design on the inner cardboard, and it’s packed with recyclable sheets and cardboard that looks compostable. It’s very environmentally friendly.

Comfort is important. if I’m working all day on my feet covering sporting events or working out with them. I’ve done both, and these good looking sneakers passed both tests with great ease.

I wore them with thick and thin socks; both worked well. The arch support is the best I’ve experienced for any sneaker I’ve worn. The extra heel support is appreciated since I’ve had issues.

I got my fastest walking mile time in them, and I love the grip walking indoors and outdoors.

The Low Wool Carbon colored sneakers can be worn for all occasions. The squared-off ends help give you that good first step. My feet never hurt the next day.

The outer sole is made from recycled rubber! The laces are made from recycled polyester. There’s a removable recycled insole.

These are good for you and for the planet.

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