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Puppy Bowl Entertains Before The Panthers and Broncos Take The Field

Puppy Bowl is drawing near and yes they have their own media day. I had a chance to talk to referee and mouth piece for the beautiful dogs, Dan Schachner.

This year there are 49 dogs that will play in the big game. So many of them will steal your heart but Schachner can’t give in.

“I remain somewhat impartial,” said the famous referee. “They are untrained puppies.”

I did an early scouting report and Chi Chi, is one to watch (no team listed. Maybe Team Ruff?). The 15-week old Chihuahua has star power! She hails from Texas and the hope is she and many others will be adopted.

Another star could be Wrinkles, with Team Fluff. This 12-week old Shar-Pei rookie male was scouted as an offensive lineman.

“Wrinkles is a pup,” said Schachner. “I chose him based on his size and his background.”

There is some controversy that will stem from a “deflated football”. That’s all I could find out you’ll have to tune in to see about that. I don’t believe there is a dog named “Tom Brady” playing yet it still happened.

Over the years I wonder if this has gotten easier for the referee or harder as it becomes more poopular.

“It’s become simultaneously harder and easier. How many inventive ways can I say the dog is going to the bathroom during the game?”

Here’s my one big scoop! There is a streaker. It happens in the middle of the action so make sure you don’t miss it.

Here’s all the information about the big game and how to adopt the dogs:

Photo by DCL/Keith Barraclough

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