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Joe Buck Was Seemingly in a Verbal War with Troy Aikman For Airtime

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but Troy Aikman came out victorious with the verbal war he either knowingly or unknowingly was involved in while calling the most important sporting event on that day.

Troy Aikman, losing his voice at times, did all he could to breakdown plays and even guess at what penalties would be called (and most weren’t), even citing imaginary flags, but that took up a lot of time on the air and when that happened, Buck seemed to interject with items that any viewer could see without any commentary.

Aside from the numerous tweets talking about muting their televisions or having a drinking game, this two-man crew made sure there wasn’t one second of breathable air, they left that to Terry Bradshaw who forgot to pick up and turn on his mic at halftime, but that’s beside the point. 

The game was exciting. The halftime show was awful. But all in all, this was a memorable game. You want fans talking about the game, but do you want them talking about the announce team? That’s the part that makes me wonder if it’s better to break these two up. 

The party I was at had no hometown fans and fans of all ages were groaning at some of the things that were being said. Aikman pointed out every flaw that Patrick Mahomes was showing. He was painting the 49ers win before it happened. 21 points in the fourth quarter is a lot, even for Mahomes, but every fan knew he had a chance to come back. Why be so definitive? He wasn’t sharp, we all saw that, but he made plays that no other quarterback in the league could make and I don’t think that was pointed out enough. 

Frank Caliendo called a better game using the voices of John Madden and the late, great, Pat Summerall.

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