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Kit Rich on Hockey Exercises and More

Kit Rich is known for being Jennifer Lawrence and Kesha’s trainer. I caught up with her to get some pointers and exercises for hockey players.

  • Hockey is a unique sport. Players work on so many different planes. Skating on a blade, it’s different later movements. With that being said, and this is coming from my background as a classic Pilates instructor, and weight trainer.


  • Probably the most important thing is core stabilization. Because you want to be able to evenly distribute the weight from one leg to the other and then having to use the upper body. You can’t do that to your best capacity without having a really strong core. It also keeps you from falling.


  • With my Kichgo Bag; Rotational exercises, functional core exercises and anti-rotational exercises. An exercise where the movement is what you’d naturally do when you rotate because of it but you’re actually fighting the rotation. An example would be, let’s say you’re on a plank and your tapping one hand on the opposite shoulder. Your hips would rotate from side-to-side because you’re lifting, you’re lifting up one arm. What you would do is fight that and keep your hips as stable as possible and not rotate.


  • Focus on hip and leg stability. Inner thighs, outer thighs, Hip abductor, hamstrings, quads and glutes are very strong and equal on each leg. The squats are great the stronger leg could overpower the weaker one. So, doing single leg squats and lunges separately are good.


  • Agility and speed. certain later moves like side jump lunges or the Heisman.


For the weekend warrior:

  • Single leg squats. Where you lift up one leg, you pretend you’re sitting in a chair.
  • The anti-rotation plank exercises above.
  • The Agility moves listed above.

Kit has 13 years of experience with a Pilates background in mind. She works with hip injuries and working with musicians and actors on the road.


If you’re limited due to an injury, she said a stability ball, single leg lunges or squats and the ball is helping to support you. Also helping with balance. If you can get in a Pilates studio performer work to strengthen the back, footwork on the performer does that with very little impact.


She’s big on folks being able to do some exercises in their own home. Check out her videos here:



More on Kit Rich here:

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She’s fitbykit on Instagram

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