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New Adidas Shades For Your Different Moods

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out some new Adidas sunglasses in a lot of different situations, and now I’m going to review them. 

First up were the Adidas Originals. Here is the information about them:

The sophisticated, softly rounded metal frames feature ultra-thin temples for a more lightweight take on a classic style. The flexible temples are accentuated with a rubber Adidas logo insert, while colorful details outline the temple tips. Adjustable nose pads make them super comfortable and wearable.

Available in five frame/lens options: Matte Black / Smoke; Blonde Havana / Blue; Grey / Bordeaux; Crystal / Green; Matte Blue / Brown.

I got the Matte Black. They are very comfortable. The case is great and so is the big cleaning cloth. I found that the clarity of the lens made for great driving and everyday use. I like the look and got some compliments, and they’ve held up well under active conditions being used in a lot of different situations.

See for yourself 

The second pair was a performance pair from this collection 

I’ve been wearing these when I’m most active. Playing sports and walking my dog are two examples. One day I wore these to a softball in plus 90-degree heat and on Astroturf. To my surprise, these glasses never fogged up. Not once. That was always an issue for me when I was in the field. 

The glasses never heated up, and they did a great job filtering out the sun glare while I was batting and playing first base. You can see me with the “C” on my shirt, and the guy in the middle getting an award is Islanders co-owner Jonathan Ledecky. 

I played a full nine and never had to worry about my shades. These are great for all activities, and I highly recommend this pair as well.

I put these glasses through the paces for a few weeks, and they passed with great ease. 

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