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New York Jets: Say No To Deshaun Watson

Is Deshaun Watson a terrific quarterback, sure, he’s 25, and he can beat you with his arms and his legs, but he’s never won anything, and it’s not like the Houston Texans never had talent around him? I’m happy for him that he’s requested a trade and would play for the Jets. Good for him. The fact that ESPN and some of their commentators are suggesting giving up three first-round picks and a second-round pick and throw Sam Darnold in the deal, that’s too much. 

General manager Joe Douglas has draft capital and money to spend, and everyone wants him to do the same thing others have done with the Jets and failed. 

According to, Watson has torn his ACL in both knees! How many years will they get out of him 3-5 to mortgage the future once again in hopes of winning the Super Bowl, and then when he’s done, and the free agents leave, you’re back to the 2-14 caliber team. 

Douglas had a plan, is he going to do what every other GM has done and abandon that plan for the “quick fix”? This is what’s plagued this franchise for the last decade. 

Jets fans will get a few good seasons, probably won’t win the big game, and in the end, still have way more losing seasons than winning seasons. Is that what you want? I don’t. 

There’s a better roadmap to winning. Don’t get caught up with the media slinging around the Jets picks because they want to see what happens when Watson plays in New York. It will be fun for them to cover, beyond that, not one of them care about what the fan base thinks, they think this is what the majority of the base would want, and I would argue against that. 

This will come down to ownership. It’s their team, not the fans and not the media. If they want to do this, it’s done. If Douglas doesn’t want to do this, things could get interesting. If Douglas goes along with this, then his plan meant nothing, and that would be the worst thing that could happen to this franchise at this particular time.

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