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Still More Yankee Quiz

You asked and now you receive – questions simple, weird, relevant, irrelevant, but all New York Yankees related.

Take the quiz and see how much you know.

From the “Stadium Club” to Babe Ruth’s Uniform Number to who owned the team before George Steinbrenner came along . . .

71. What is the significance of William S. Devery and Frank J. Farrell in the history of the franchise?
A. Willie Randolph B. Thurman Munson C. Dave Winfield D. Jerry Mumphrey
72. How many times did George Steinbrenner hire and fire Billy Martin?
A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D7
73. Who was the 20th manager in Steinbrenner’s time?
A. Billy Martin B. Stump Merrill C. C. Buck Showalter D. Joe Torre?
74. Who pitched the first no-hitter against the Yankees?
A. George Foster B. Cy Young C. Bob Feller D Hoyt Wilhelm
75. Which former Yankees player went on to serve as president of the American League?
76. Mickey Mantle was a rookie in 1951 but a different Yankee won Rookie of the Year. Who was he?
A. Gene Woodling B Andy Carey C. Gil McDougald D. Hank Bauer
77. What Yankee in his first four years played on four world championship teams?
A. Joe DiMaggio B. Derek Jeter C. Yogi Berra D. Lou Gehrig
78. Two Yankees came to the major leagues without having played one game in the minors. Who were they?
79. What Yankee was in the D-Day landing at Omaha Beach June 6, 1944?
A. Ralph Houk B. Yogi Berra C. Jerry Coleman D. Hank Bauer
80. Bob Sheppard had the nick-name “Voice of God.” Who gave him the nickname?
A. Red Barber B Mel Allen C. George Steinbrenner D. Reggie Jackson
81. Who had the idea to create the Yankee Stadium “Stadium Club”?
A. Casey Stengel B. Larry MacPhail C. Dan Topping D. Jake Ruppert
82. After Lou Gehrig, who became the next captain?
A. Phil Rizzuto B. Lefty Gomez C. Mickey Mantle D. Thurman Munson
83. Which of the longest standing Yankee managers has the highest winning percentage?
A. Joe Torre B. Joe McCarthy C. Casey Stengel D. Buck Showalter
84. The Yankees have the distinction of being the first to train outside of the USA. Where did the training take place?
A. Bermuda B. Jamaica C. Cuba D. Dominican Republic
85. All played for Yankees and Mets, aside from one. Who is he?
A. Lee Mazzilli B. Gene Woodling C. Phil Linz D. Rusty Stab
86. What Yankee recorded the most steals of home?
A. Mickey Mantle B. Willie Randolph C. Lou Gehrig D. Ricky Henderson
87. Easy one – Babe Ruth’s uniform number?
88. Who hit the first home run in the new Yankee Stadium?
How did the Babe get the number?
89. Another easy one. Who owned Yankees before the Steinbrenners?
90. Joe DiMaggio played his entire career for the Yankees. What team did he coach for?
A. Cardinals B. A’s C. Padres D. Dodgers
91. When David Wells became a Yankee for the first time, what uniform number did he request and why?


71. They were owners of the Highlanders Yankees from (1903-1915).
72. –The magic number – – B. 5
73. C. Buck Showalter
74. B. Cy Young
75. Dr. Bobby Brown
76. C. Gil McDougald
77. A. Joe DiMaggio
78. Catfish Hunter, Dave Winfield
79. Yogi Berra
80. D. Reggie Jackson
81. B. Larry MacPhail
82. D. Thurman Munson
83. B. Joe McCarthy, .627
84. A. Bermuda, 1913
85. D. Rusty Staub
86. C. Lou Gehrig, 15
87. Three
88. Babe Ruth
89. CBS
90. B. A’s
91. Three was number he requested because it was number worn by Babe Ruth who he admired. The number has long been retired.

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