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The Brooklyn Nets Are a Legit Contender

Kevin Durant had to get healthy for the Brooklyn Nets to hit legit contender status. Now completely healthy and averaging 29 points this season, he is once again an all-star, and fans in Brooklyn can now start dreaming about a long run in the playoffs.

Durant is out with a hamstring injury; he’ll be back before you know it. However, they still have Kyrie Irving and James Harden, and that was enough to beat the Lakers in their last game 109-98 in Los Angeles. The Lakers were missing Anthony Davis, who will be out another four weeks.

I keep hearing the Nets will outscore the opposition, sure, in the regular season. Once the playoffs hit, all teams have to play some defense including the Nets so let’s see how that part of their game progresses.

On a side note. When the ABA folded and the Nets moved into the NBA, they sold off Dr. J to the Philadelphia 76ers for cash. I think it started a curse to that franchise, I’ve felt that way since I was a kid, and so far, it has held. Will the Nets beat the curse? That will be interesting to see.

How many will bet on the Nets to win it all? See what the current odds are for the Nets, they have been betting favorites for the majority of games this season.

Stephen A. Smith had this to say about the Nets:


NBA All-Star Game

If the NBA and more importantly the networks want to have an All-Star game, then the players have to suck it up and play. LeBron James acted like he would show up but wouldn’t care. That’s not the way to act since he’s always been in on a lot of league/player decisions over the years. He knew this was passed and then he waited to state his opinion.

In the end, the fans will still enjoy it at home. Some fans will buy merchandise and the league keeps the network happy which is their biggest revenue stream currently amid a pandemic. NBA players get paid handsomely, and now without fans, they can make this sacrifice and show up 100% for this game for the good of the sport.

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