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The Jets Offseason Hasn’t Impressed Anybody So Far

When the Jets finished last season with a 7-9 record it happened with a lot of “fools gold” based on the schedule and circumstances. Was this 7-9 with that late surge, something to build on? So far, that’s a big fat no.

The Jets best and only real deep threat, Robby Anderson, left and signed with the Carolina Panthers. It’s upsetting to lose this speed in the lineup, it would have helped quarterback Sam Darnold, much more this season, if the offensive line is any better, we’ll get to that later. But now the Jets receiving corps are in shambles. After you get past Jamison Crowder, who’s terrific and Le’Veon Bell who can catch all the dump passes and he caught 85 of them, mostly, the Jets are now devoid of any playmaking, touchdown makers and now Joe Douglas has said they are looking for an offensive lineman with their first-round pick, so what’s left for Darnold? Even if he has more time throw, who’s going to catch the ball? Quincy Enunwa coming off a serious neck injury can’t be counted on, not as a plan.

The Jets did “get” free-agent offensive lineman. The one who is the most controversial is George Fant. I couldn’t find any football people who thought he was a solid addition. Pro Football Focus has him ranked as the 53rd best offensive tackle. That’s who you want protecting the franchise’s blindside? Or is Darnold just another Jets transitional quarterback draft pick? I didn’t think that but maybe that’s how the GM thinks about it long-term, Looking for bargains on the offensive line was a bad move, in my estimation, by the Jets general manager.

The Jets are a 4-5 win team this year based on their current talent and schedule, which isn’t a favorable one. So are the Jets still rebuilding with a third-year quarterback who they’ll have to pay soon, or maybe, just maybe, they won’t be paying Darnold that fat contract down the line and Douglas will draft his quarterback. The Jets have had so many high draft picks go this route or the bust route that it’s hard to be optimistic.

Jamal Adams wants to be a Jet for life, will he get that chance? He may not because as of now, he hasn’t gotten that offer. Douglas said it was coming but as a Jets fan, wouldn’t it be nice to see it? To solidify something on this team of drifters?

The 2020 draft is the crossroads for this Jets franchise. A great draft could springboard them in a foreseeable weak AFC East division. A bad one could mean the Jets are the Jacksonville Jaguars and heading nowhere fast. By next year at this time, we may have a better answer to that. Bring on the draft and as usual, Jets fans have to “hope” for the best.

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