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The Mets Conundrum – – They Need a New Hitting Coach

I never thought I’d have to write this article. The Mets should fire Pat Roessler. I’ll pause and wait for a second. Now that you’re composed you can see this is the right decision.

The job of a hitting coach is to connect with the entire team and make hitters better. Newly acquired catcher, Devin Mesoraco is sighting his praises but is anybody else?

Some will say the Mets don’t have the players, but his job is to make the players he has better. The Mets are hitting .230 as a team. Last year they hit .250 and were ranked 19th in baseball. This year they are tied with three teams and are currently ranked 26th. The Mets OBP has dropped from .320 to .307 and their slugging percentage has dropped from .434 to .375. They’re ranked 28th in that category. The Mets are currently ranked 27th in OPS with a .683. Last year they ended up with a .755 and they were ranked 14th.  A change needs to be made.

Mickey Callaway needs support. If he’s working on the pitching, and that’s been terrific from a starting perspective and erratic in the bullpen (more about roster construction), then he needs to be able to hand over the hitting to somebody solid. Roessler isn’t that guy. The Mets took a shot on him and now is enough of a sample size to make a change.

Roessler was a Mets assistant for three years and he’s failing miserably at his new position. Most point to the players approach in the game how it differs early in the game as opposed to later. Less aggressive early, too aggressive late.

One More Conundrum

The Mets attempted to get a contract signed by Jacob deGrom this past winter. The word was the Mets were looking to lock him up into his 30’s but not too far into them. They shied away and now the chance of the Mets ace staying is in jeopardy. He’s a free-agent in 2021 so the writing is probably on the wall that the next step for him will be a massive trade. After this amazin’ season, he’ll be looking for an even bigger contract. Once again Sandy Alderson mismanaged this situation.

deGrom makes $7.4 million dollars. Jason Vargas makes $8 million. Let that sink in for a few minutes and you wonder how deGrom can live with that. Once the Mets gave Vargas more money than one of their home-grown players they drew a big fat line in the sand. Don’t think Noah Syndergaard isn’t watching this situation to see how it might play out for him?

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