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The Mets May Be Good Enough

Don’t worry, I still think the New York Mets have to make some moves to hold on to first place in the NL East. That’s the only way they will get into the postseason. I get that.

Carlos Carrasco threw live batting practice. Do you count on him being in the rotation after the All-Star break? No, he has to have a few rehab starts first, so that will be August at best for him if he is going to pitch a game at all this season for the Mets. 

Noah Syndergaard may pitch a game in September, but do you count on him in the playoffs if they make it? Probably not, he won’t be 100%. So the Mets will need at least one front-line starter. Someone who can fill the 4th spot in the rotation. I’d also add one long relief veteran who can spot start in case of one of the starters getting gassed down the stretch.

As far as the infield goes, the Mets still need a third baseman and not one named Todd Frazier. Jonathan Villar and the still injured J.D. Davis won’t cut it. For stretches, Villar has been ok, and Luis Guillorme is a terrific defensive replacement and pinch hitter who can spell a starter. But they need an everyday third baseman. That should be on their shopping list. 

Met’s owner Steven Cohen will have to spend more money to get the desired results. That’s just the way it is. I’m sure he will do what he has to do, and now all the Mets have to do is keep winning and try and increase their fragile four-game lead. 

MLB will step into the limelight for the remainder of the summer with NBA & NHL wrapping up. Bettors in NY will be wagering primarily on The Mets for home field advantage, the Empire State’s betting handle has been steadily increasing these past few months and is expected to outrank NJ by 2022.

Jacob deGrom And the All-Star Game 

Mother Nature stepped in and delayed his start. He will now pitch as part of a seven-inning doubleheader, and that now leaves the door open for Jacob deGrom to pitch in the All-Star Game. I know some fans won’t want him to risk it, but it’s the same as off-day pitching.   

His being there is good for the sport. deGrom is the best player in the National League, and his being there will increase the online audience exponentially.  

I bet Rob Manfred either spoke or will speak to deGrom to get him to show up. If this was any other pitcher in the league, it wouldn’t matter as much, but the Mets ace is a high-profile player and the best pitcher in the game. Plus, he’s not injured, and Mets fans are thankful for that as well. 

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