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The Moves the Mets Didn’t Make May Be Their Path to Success

The Robinson Cano trade looks great on paper in the short term so Mets general manager, Brodie Van Wagenen got instant points with the fanbase. The problem is he was so busy that the offers he made that weren’t accepted, were for the best, but that was just dumb luck.

The Mets acquiring catcher Wilson Ramos was smart. They kept him away from the Phillies, not sure why they didn’t outbid the Mets, and it filled a void that the team has had for two seasons. The problem is their first offer was turned down. Yasmani Grandal turned down a 4-yr, $60 million-dollar offer. He’s not a bad player, he’s just not worthy of that kind of term and the Mets were willing to give it to him. That’s scary. Who else got an offer from the Mets that they turned down?

The Mets still need starting pitching depth. Jason Vargas isn’t going to cut it. The Mets still need have a potential issue at third base since Todd Frazier has trouble staying healthy. The Mets outfield isn’t great. Which brings us to Bryce Harper. Now we “hear” BVW wants the former and could be future Washington National. All he has to do is spend more than the next guy. Will he do that? Or is this just talk to keep the fans engaged.

On paper, the Mets look better. They did last year too until the reality was different and it all fell apart early. Mets fans are dying for a front office that will spend smart money and a team that will contend. Is that what we have here? It’s too early to tell.

As the Mets stand today, they’re a bubble team. Everything would have to break right for them to make the playoffs. The Mets “luck” the past few seasons would say that’s probably not going to happen.

Don’t hold your breath on the Mets getting Harper. They won’t be the highest bidder in baseball on one of the best players in the game. The Mets used to do that but not anymore. That’s not in their DNA.

If the Mets could land this pitcher:

Yusei Kikuchi is Gaining Attention in Baseball Circles

They could sure up their pitching staff. The bullpen seems to be in good shape. The Mets are that used car you just purchased and hope to be completely reliable for the next few years. In both cases, hope is not a good plan.

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