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Travis Sanheim: “This is a Big Summer For Me”

Travis Sanheim isn’t looked at as a first round pick anymore. Now he’s looked at as another talented defenseman in a growing stable. Flyers GM Ron Hextall plays no favorites. He favors results. He had to like Sanheim pinning the very talented and slippery Travis Konecny in the recent 3-on-3 scrimmage. It showed off his new 201 pound physique and increased strength.

“I thought it was a fun way to cap off the end of the week,” said Sanheim.

This year Sanheim will be a full-time professional. He got a cup of coffee last year with Lehigh Valley and the expectation this season is he’ll play there all year. Can that change? Anything is possible.

“I will head back home. Head back into training. I work with a power skating coach as well. I’m not necessarily trying to fix my stride but just improve it. Just make my stride stronger and continue to build on my overall skating,” said the talented defenseman.

After that last part of his summer program he’ll start hitting the ice in anticipation of rookie training camp in September.I’ve covered him since his junior days and I can tell you he’s never been more focused.

“I’m going to start skating as well in a couple of weeks Getting ready for camp. Just training hard and eating right. If I could put on a little more weight that would be an added bonus,” he said candidly.

Hockey players always talk about golf. “I like to golf as well. Around the Brandon (Manitoba) area, where I train, there’s a pretty nice golf course with my buddies back at home who I don’t get to see very often. Any chance I have to get out and see those guys is very nice. I’m getting better. I golf with my twin brother as well (Taylor, who played with him on the Calgary Hitmen). We’re kind of similar golfers so that works out well. We’re getting better but I guess to be a hockey player you have to get better at golf.”

After chatting about food he did divulge that he does eat some of his favorites just not for very long.

“Maybe that first week off after your season you might have a cheat week but for the most part you’re eating right.”

With a ton of focus on future teammate, Ivan Provorov, Sanheim has been able to settle in, play his game, and improve at a fast rate even if that’s not being written. 

“For me this is a big summer for me. Make sure I’m doing what I can to improve myself.”

He’s going to shoot for the moon. He’ll try and give the Flyers every reason to place him on the roster at some point this season. Most likely that won’t happen so he’ll gain valuable professional experience and the AHL is a great place to get that going.

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