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Daring, Definitive New York Yankees Quiz 9

Lots of terrific questions and answers were sent along but only a few made my editorializing. Keep them coming. You do not have to be a Yankee fan to take the quiz – it’s sort of a brain teaser. Go to it

94.  Who said: “I won’t be active in the day to day operations of the ball club at all.”

A. Jake Ruppert   B. Casey Stengel   C. George Steinbrenner   D. Yogi Berra.

95.   Who said and why: “They told me my services were no longer desired because they wanted to put in a youth program as an advance way of keeping the club going. I’ll never make the mistake of being seventy again.”

A. Casey Stengel     B. Bucky Harris   C. Miller Huggins   D. none of these

96.   Who struck out more times during their respective careers, Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle?
97.   Who loved the expression – “That huckleberry?”

A. Red Barber B. Phil Rizzuto C. Mel Allen D. Susan Waldman

98.  Who was known as the ‘oh, say can you see’ guy?

A. Robert Merrill B. Whitey Ford   C. Phil Linz D. None of these

99.   Name two Yankees who were called “Moose.” 

100. Which of the following Yankee books was not written by Harvey Frommer?

A. Five O’clock Lightning B. A Yankee Century C. The Bronx Zoo

D. Remembering Yankee Stadium

101. Name the first season the Yankees drew over 3 million fans at Yankee Stadium?

A. 1999   B.1969    C.  2009    D.  1989

102.  Which Yankee Hall of Famer did Branch Rickey once predict would “never make anything more than a Triple-A ballplayer at best?”
   A. Mickey Mantle   B. Ron Guidry    C. Yogi Berra   D. none of these

103   How many total Gold Glove Awards did “Donnie Baseball” win? (9)

  1. 6   B  7   C. 8   D. 9

104. In 1933, Babe Ruth hit the first home run in All-Star Game history.  In what

park did he hit the historic home run?



94.  C. George Steinbrenner after he purchased the Yankees from CBS.

95.   A. Casey Stengel, when he was fired by the Yankees

96.   (Mantle 1,710 vs. Ruth 1,330)

97.  B. Phil Rizzuto

98.  A. Robert Merrill, the famed opera singer who graced Yankee Stadium by singing the national anthem.

99.  Bill Skowron, Mike Mussina

100.     C. The Bronx Zoo

101. A.

102   C. Yogi Berra

103        D. 9

104. Comiskey Park, Chicago

Dr. Harvey Frommer, a professor at Dartmouth College in the MALS program, is in his 40th year of writing books. A noted oral historian and sports journalist, he is the author of 42 sports books including the classics: best-selling “New York City Baseball, 1947-1957″ and best-selling Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball,as well as his acclaimed Remembering Yankee Stadium and best-selling Remembering Fenway Park. His highly praised When It Was Just a Game: Remembering the First Super Bowl was published last fall.

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