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Voke Tab Review

Voke Tab is a tablet made out of Green Tea, Organic Guarana Berry seed, and Organic Acerola Cherry with Vitamin C, at least the one I was testing. The taste is tough without sugar. It’s a bit bitter but not horrible. You do get used to it.

The results were really good. I did have a lot of energy, I didn’t get jittery, and I was able to bridge the gap between meals, without snacking, on a very busy day.

The tablets come in an easy to carry tin. They’re meant to take daily, but I got results using it every day and sporadically. One tab is meant to last 3 hours and I found that to be true. It did help when traveling.

They’re supposed to promote mental acuity as well. I didn’t notice a difference in myself in this area. I’m probably too sharp, that’s it.

Each tablet costs you less than a cup of coffee and the ingredients are excellent.

You can read more about them  

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