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San Francisco Legends Take on ALS DVD is Unique

This DVD is a time capsule. Many of the players who were interviewed have since passed away. It’s a lot of fun and it’s filled with love at the same time.

“Just when we were finishing up the videotape, back in 1990 or so, we were notified by the NFL and they said we can’t use any form of the footage. It’s copyrighted, and it can’t be used for any reason,” said Julia Hutton, the producer of the project. “I was heartbroken because I was really excited about it.”

It all changed when she heard about Dwight Clark contracting the insidious disease.

“We just dropped the project and never thought it would resurrect. When they announced Dwight Clark’s condition I was in San Francisco visiting. It was like R.C. Owens (former 49ers receiver) somehow sent a lightning bolt to me and I thought about the tapes,” she remembered. “I immediately called my friend, Karen Smith, who helped on the project. I asked her if she still had the tapes and she said she’d look for them. She found her copies, she had two and I had two. They were on VHS. It duplicated really well.”

Here are some highlights:

George Seifert – I didn’t realize he grew up around the 49ers way before he became their coach.

The Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Dwight Clark highlights are amazing. They have “the drive” but it’s from a camera perspective I’ve never seen before.

The singular stories about players who suffered from ALS were heartwarming.

Y.A. Tittle is a gem. Previous to this DVD, I’d never seen an interview with him. He was a great interview and storyteller. One minute he talks about throwing Bob Waters a game-winning touchdown in 1960. His only touchdown of the season. Then he talked about playing “aggressive tennis” with him later in life and from that he noticed something wasn’t right with Waters and soon after he was diagnosed with ALS.

“The NFL came through this time with flying colors and we thank them for that,” Hutton added.

100% of the profits of this will be donated to the ALS Golden West Chapter Association.

Take a peek here:


My take: My suggestion is other ALS groups around the country should purchase the DVD and have a get-together to watch it. Possibly for a fundraiser. They don’t have to be 49ers fans, trust me.

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