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The 20 Best NHL Draft Values of the Decade

This is my list. The reader will surely think others are better and that’s fine. I had to project a few, and they aren’t in order. Here are the top 20 in my opinion: Ryan O’Reilly – 33rd overall in 2009 – Colorado – 532 points in 772 games and one

72 Rangers beat the 82 Islanders in Franchise Hockey Manager 6 Showdown

I love the “what if” factor in simulated games like FHM6. I always wondered what would happen if the 1972 Rangers played the 1982 Islanders. That Rangers team was one of the best who never won a championship and that Islanders team destroyed the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup. Here

The Jets May Be the Worst Drafting Team in the NFL

Every regime claims they will fix it. Ownership has never brought in the right guys. Forgive me if I’m skeptical again, heading into another draft as the Jets season has crashed and burned. I’m not an NFL Draft expert, not by a longshot. I know the Jets and they’ve had a

Dirty Dez Has Overcome A Lot to Get Where She Is

Desiree “Dirty Dez” Yanez (5-1) is set to fight Strawweight champion Melissa Martinez (6-0), Yanez is a terrific athlete. Surprisingly, she got her nickname outside of the octagon. “I was a legit (fastpitch) softball pitcher and I guess I earned my name by winning some games with a nasty changeup,” Yanez