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Aaron Rodgers Signing Is Only Part of the Jets Job at Hand 

Aaron Rodgers coming to New York has caused the team to abandon their rebuild, yet again, and go for the formerly great quarterback who is looking to find the magic once again in the Big Apple. I’ve lived through this type of situation with the Jets before, and yes, I think Brett Favre is better than Rodgers, but we can debate that another day. Right now, just getting Rodgers, in the tough AFC East isn’t guaranteeing them anything without a happy Quinnen Williams. 

Williams is seeking an extension and he doesn’t care that the Jets got Rodgers. He’s on the other side of the ball and yes, he will play this season, but if he’s unhappy, how good will their defense be? Joe Douglas can’t even take a victory lap here because the second most important player on the team isn’t getting paid and he should be.  

Williams posted this on social media after Douglas said he was “optimistic and hopeful” a deal would get done.

Why? Because he’s seen the Jets trade their top defensive talent in the past, that’s why. If the Jets have AFC Championship Game hopes, and that’s a long shot, Williams needs to be paid and in the right frame of mind.  

Back to Rodgers. He’s an obvious upgrade. Will he teach Zach Wilson the finer points of the game? That’s to be determined. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Is this a one-year acquisition? That’s what I am afraid of. If Rodgers says he will be there for multiple seasons, then I will feel differently about this and then the question will be, why is Wilson still there?  

Rodgers didn’t choose an easy path here and I give him credit for that. The Jets are in a tough division and the AFC is super talented.  

I like that Rodgers didn’t want to wear the #12 after Joe Namath said he could. That was a smart move and a nice nod to Joe who is still a big star and the biggest in franchise history.  

I don’t care about what happens in his introductory press conference. I’ll see what happens in person at practice like I did with Favre and on “Hard Knocks” because you know that’s coming.  

The Jets now have more sway than they used to. Let’s see what happens next. 

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