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Round Zero – Inside The NFL Draft Book Review 

Author Andy Phillips left no stone unturned. Hatherleigh Press has a winner on their hands for sure. I like the chapters on agents and GMS. I follow Leigh Steinberg on Facebook and see first-hand the care he has for his clients, one of them being Pat Mahomes. 

I loved the player profiles. I turned to Warren Moon. I got to see Moon as an NFL rookie while attending the University of Houston. His story is an interesting one and that Oilers team with his CFL coach Hugh Campbell was among the worst I’ve ever seen. However, I was amazed at the poise and arm of Moon and knew why they got him. I saw him in a live game that season against my New York Jets at the Astrodome and they beat the Jets, even though the Jets had a very good team. 

Don’t miss the Aaron Rodgers profile as well! 

This book connects the dots with the NFL Draft, and I appreciate that. As someone who works professionally with the NHL Draft, I see a lot of this and do write about a bit of it, so I was his target audience. All football fans will enjoy this tome. 

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