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Antonio Brown Momentarily Created a Circus Atmosphere

Antonio Brown must have argued with someone on the bench. He then ripped off his shirt, threw it in the crowd and then his wrist bands in the crowd, and ran across the endzone shirtless. We all thought it was a fan, but it was Brown. Then he ran down the tunnel waving his arm. It was the opposite of the Joe Namath number 1 sign when the Jets won the Super Bowl. The Jets were winning in this game, and he never took part in the Buccaneers victory that Tom Brady engineered. 

The NFL hires a lot of bad guys. I feel comfortable saying he won’t be signed next year or any year going forward in the league. Quitting on your team in the fashion that he did is unforgivable. Former NFLer Daryl Johnston was mad. He could never imagine a teammate doing that under any circumstances. It’s a career-ending move.

Considering how bizarre this was. And I’ve seen enough weird things happen just in Jets games. Here is where I think this ranks among my top five all-time, in-game bizarre moments in sports.

1. Here’s the first one on my list. I remember watching this and being in complete shock that this happened:

2.  I was at a bar that had this on. Two memorable things happened here:

3. Here is a bizarre moment that some younger folks may not be aware of:

4. This last one hurt me personally. The NFL blocked me from posting it. It was the Dan Marino fake spike. 

In the end, this will be the most talked-about thing in Brown’s career (it was #5 for me). It’s his fault. Brady got him this job, and he found a way to terminate that relationship, at least professionally. My guess is he had to book his own flight home from New Jersey to Tampa. Nobody will vouch for Brown now. Maybe Vince McMahon would hire him for the Royal Rumble? 

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