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Doreen Taylor Remembers Joe Frazier

Philadelphia – – Doreen Taylor had a video release event at the beautiful Main Line Art Center in Philadelphia on the same day of the fabled, “Fight of the Century” that took place between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali on March 8, 1971.

Frazier won that fight with a 15-round unanimous decision. At the time this was a world event. It was massive because Ali had the title after beating Sonny Liston, but he was stripped of the title for failing to join the armed forces in 1967. He was ordered to be jailed but that decision was overturned. He was suspended from boxing for three years. During that time, Frazier held the belt twice but there was always that question of what if he faced Ali? Both were undefeated until that night.

In Taylor’s video, “Unstoppable” a song that appears on her most recent album, “Happily Ever After” she gets in the ring and showed off her boxing prowess in an homage to her late friend, that’s how much he meant to her. She spoke about that before she showed off her video.


Weatta Frazier Collins was in attendance, Joe’s daughter, as well as many other friends of the Frazier’s and Taylor.

“This is a blessing. It’s a wonderful thing because we don’t want our heroes and our warriors to be forgotten. To be able to have the unstoppable video come out and honor him. That’s just a joy,” she said gleefully. “If he was alive he would be here. He and Doreen had a wonderful relationship.”

This was a celebration. Many clapped when Frazier knocked Ali down during the video. Taylor did perform three songs including “You and Me” and “Stranger in my Head”. Her voice was flawless, that’s not easy to do in a small venue with no backup singers.

The food was great. Taylor presented everybody with a great gift bag including her latest CD. Taylor also announced that she will be in an off-Broadway production of “Happily Ever After”. Having seen her other concerts this one should be fantastic.

See the “Unstoppable” video and more of Doreen here:

Frazier is hosting her 2nd annual Cocktail Fundraiser on Saturday March 11, from 7PM-11PM at Penns Landing caterers in Philadelphia. You can call 215-842-2277 for more details or visit Some boxing legends will be there and they’re awarding 9 scholarships.

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