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A Trio of Book Reviews

Hockey Addict’s Guide: Toronto I love the opening picture of Greenwood Park Rink. It’s a very cool shot. The Coca-Cola Coliseum and Wayne Gretzky’s are staples. Both worthy of a visit. This book lists record stores, the Hockey Hall of Fame and some great local rinks and eateries. Toronto can be a

Ali on Ali Book Review

I love this book. Joe Frazier was my favorite and I still love this book. Muhammad Ali was known for so many quotes and I love that his daughter, Hana, explained them all. I lived through his era but I didn’t know the origin of some of these. “I shook up

Sports Book Reviews – – October Edition

A couple of years back my wife Myrna and I were interviewing for our oral history IT HAPPENED IN MIAMI.  We were taken aback by the many wonderful stories we heard about Muhammad Ali and his time spent at the Fifth Street Gym where he trained and entranced so many

Doreen Taylor Remembers Joe Frazier

Philadelphia - - Doreen Taylor had a video release event at the beautiful Main Line Art Center in Philadelphia on the same day of the fabled, “Fight of the Century” that took place between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali on March 8, 1971. Frazier won that fight with a 15-round unanimous


(Adapted from It Happened in Miami, An Oral History by Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey Frommer) With the passing of one of our all-time favorites, with affection for Muhammad Ali and his memory, we proudly present this excerpt. “Cassius Clay was born in Louisville. But Muhammad Ali was born in Miami.”