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Five Takeaways from the Jets Home Opener

1) Blame ownership for the dysfunction that transpired in the offseason and seemingly ruined this year’s draft. When you cut a third-round pick in this year’s draft, that’s a problem. The kicking issue started with one GM and ended with another. Blame the owner for not questioning why you wouldn’t pay a pro bowl kicker, Jason Myers, who was the star of the team last season. BTW, Quinnen Williams didn’t register anything other than a shot to a Bills player when the ball was loose on the field and left in a walking boot. Not a good debut.

2) Gregg Williams is always looked at as a defensive savant. He’s not. When C.J. Mosley was out in the fourth quarter (groin injury) the team gave up huge chunks of yards on the ground and through the air at key points. Stupid quarterback late hits really cost them too. Blame Williams, he helped the Jets choke away a 16- point lead.

3) Sam Darnold looked confused. He locked in on receivers more than he did last year. He didn’t show any NFL acumen on the last drive, which in NFL terms with 3:00 minutes to go, enough to go down and win a game. He had no touch on his deep ball. Ask Robbie Anderson who was overthrown deep in the 4th quarter.

4) Adam Gase is an offensive coach. Is he a good head coach? That remains to be seen. The offense in the second half was disgusting. The Bills have a good pass defense but there were opportunities out there. He should have simplified the offense late and instead tried to run ridiculous short-yardage passes. Le’Veon Bell was good. He will get better, there’s no worries about him or Jamison Crowder. Last year Miami beat the Jets in the home opener, with Gase as the coach, and it wasn’t impressive. So that’s his body of work for me.

5) The in-game experience is great. Security in the stadium is great. The food is great. Go and enjoy a Sunday afternoon but don’t expect the Jets to win a lot of games this year. Joe Douglas, the new GM, was hired late and he was going to scour the waiver wire and get players. He didn’t add much to their depth at all. The Jets offseason led to another bad start to their regular season. The new regime had a chance to win the fans over with one solid game. They couldn’t do that and today most fans feel like the season will be another long one. The fans showed up yesterday, a lot of the players and coaches didn’t.

Note: On the Bills side. Josh Allen still has some issues as well. He locks in receivers too much as well and his ball security is still bad. His passing is more accurate than last season so there’s some upside there for sure, and his scrambling is still solid.

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