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Five Things That Will Set This Stadium Series Apart from the Others

1)    Both of these teams need these two points players who are new to playing NHL outdoor hockey in a large stadium.

“It’s always different indoor from outdoor. There was a bit more snow building up naturally. Overall it was good, and it was a good temperature out there,” said Penguins defenseman, Marcus Pettersson. “For me, it’s an experience playing outdoors. It’s different but I’m going to try and prepare like I do every game.”

2)    Even though lights help the players see, a football stadium isn’t the best place to track a puck in the air and the sky has been weird with that stormy look to it.

“I didn’t know what to expect coming in. For the first skate it felt pretty good,” said Travis Sanheim. “It’s a little different being outside. Different surroundings, lights, and with it being dark out, it was pretty cool and I’m looking forward to tomorrow night.

“In one of the neutral zone drills, you end up losing the puck up in the sky. In the one specific area, I lost it. Hopefully tomorrow, with little things like that, you’ll be more dialed in and seeing the puck a little better.”

Justin Bailey had a small mishap and he too noticed that weird sky.

“We were doing a drill and I think Hagger wanted to give me a little push. I was just getting going and he gave me a little push on the backside, and I ended up falling and going down. All I saw was a black sky. I was like ‘oh my goodness’, first of all, how embarrassing to fall. And at the same time, it was a little different staring up and seeing the sky.”

3)    I think you’ll need to wear eye black in this game. I think the Flyers may have figured that out during this practice.

Some players like Sanheim came back from practice without any eye black. “I didn’t go with any, nope”

When I asked about tomorrow, he responded with, “I don’t know? I guess we’ll see.”

I believe I talked Bailey into wearing it.

“I think if there’s an option to do it I will for sure,” he responded.

After I told him it is an option. That’s all he needed to hear.

“I think that’s a pretty cool look. I’m sure I’ll have it on.” 

4)    The fans are going to be insane. One snuck his head into Scott Gordon’s press conference and yelled “Go Eagles”. The coach shrugged it off and moved on. Between Eagles players being there, Gritty, and the goaltending situation seeing Brian Elliott draw the start. Emotions will be running high.

5)    I think the weather will take its toll in the third period. I think both teams will know that and in the back of their minds they will try and go into the third with a lead. If this game goes into the third, tied up, it could be something special/crazy to watch.

Drop the puck!

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