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Jen Lilley Album Review

Jen Lilley is a terrific actress and a potential star singer as well. Here’s some information on her new album.

The contributions made on Jen’s album is a collection of musical stalwarts from the likes of famed producer Adrian Gurvitz (Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Andra Day), string arrangements by the legendary Rosie Danvers and her 50 piece orchestra (Adele, Kanye West), Eric Wortham on keys (Adele), Peter Randall on Bass (Adele), Dean Parker on guitar (Diana Ross), and Greg Bassinett on drums (Ringo Starr). Not to mention that Jen gets assistance from one of the most prolific songwriters of all time, Diane Warren.

She had Gloria Gaynor help promote her online contest. You can follow more about that here:

She was so excited to get that support from a legend like Gaynor and her new album “Lilley”. It’s the kind of album that you want to listen to from start to finish. It’s a real homage to great 60’s easy listening music. I grew up with that as a child, and I think she’s hit it out of the park.

My favorite song is “Tongue Tied”. Her voice sounds great and her background singers put you in the mood.

Look for more information on her music career going forward. For now, go to

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