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No Heavy Lifting Book Review

No Heavy Lifting is the latest tome from Rob Simpson, sometimes author, always a morning radio host on Sirius NHL Network Radio. Versed on all sports, this book shows off his versatility and fun nature as he toured around the world chronicling many of his adventures.

ECW Press has a winner here. The Foreword by sometimes grumpy, John Shannon, is heartfelt. The chapter on Steve Montador hits you right in the tissue box. Simpson doesn’t hide his feeling about head injuries in the NHL as well.

This book has hockey stories about baseball, hockey, gambling, and politics, it’s a mixed bag of goodness. Rob has had a lot of jobs in the hockey world and on a personal note, I enjoy being a small part of his show every week and have to thank him for lending a hand in getting my first book published. I’ve sat next to him on the bench at a media hockey game, sorry, I could write a book about the number of events I’ve seen him at.

Buy the book. You won’t be sorry.


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