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With the end of the National Basketball Association season fast approaching and the endless play-off season on the horizon, how some of the teams got their names is always a fascinating topic. Read on and learn more. Back in the day, as some are apt to say, I was interviewing and

The Knicks Are Selling Hope

The Knicks are selling hope for this season with a new head coach and a new point guard. They spent money building around Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis by signing Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee. If nothing else, the Knicks have a competent starting five, which they couldn’t

Lin Seeks Redemption and Normalcy

There was no fanfare in Jeremy Lin’s official return to New York yesterday. There was no media throng, either. That’s the way it goes when a player plays for the Nets. It’s night and day compared to playing for the Knicks. It shows the Nets are irrelevant in the city’s conscience. For

Only Better Players Can Save Hornacek

The best thing about the Knicks hiring Jeff Hornacek as their coach is he is not Kurt Rambis. That’s why there was no outrage about the hiring. If anything, this hiring represents apathy. Knicks fans know a new coach won’t make a difference unless he has talent to work with. Outside

Can Melo Handle Porzingis’ Popularity?

Leslie Monteiro has an interesting take on the impact of the Knicks rookie on the team. It took 12 games for Kristaps Porzingis to finally have a portrait of him in the back page of Thursday’s New York Post. It took 12 games for him to receive chants of “Porzingis” from the