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Five Thoughts on the PWHPA Showcase

The last tour on the PWHPA showcase was Philadelphia, a hockey-crazy market but one without women’s hockey. 1. This is more than just USA vs. Canada If many of the names from the showcase sound familiar, it’s because many of them are national team members with the U.S. or with Canada. The

Jayna Hefford Gets the Hockey Hall Call

Jayna Hefford retired from hockey in 2015. She may be one of the best hockey players many have never heard of. The Hockey Hall of Fame is getting it right; Hefford is a legend. From 2002-2014 she helped Team Canada win four-consecutive Olympic gold medals in women’s hockey. She won gold

Flashback: Former Olympian, Karen Thatcher, Dared To Dream

If you have a son or daughter that’s looking for some expert coaching, direction in their hockey career, then look no further than Karen Thatcher, 2010 Women’s Ice Hockey Silver Medalist and very decorated hockey player. “I’ve been playing hockey since I’ve been five year’s old and it’s been such an