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Daniel Vogelbach – A Heavier Version of Ted Williams

Ok, I’m kidding. I wanted to get your attention because this player is doing some amazing things this year. He was a big-time prospect who got lost in the minors for a while but now at the age of 26, he’s putting it all together.

This year this slugger has played in 18 games. He has eight home runs (tied for 4thin the AL) in 55 at-bats. He swings on every pitch like it’s his last. He has already hit some long taters. One was measured at 433 feet. His exit velocity ranks around 99.6 MPH among the best in the game in the early part of this season.

In 2016, the Cubs traded Vogelbach to the Mariners. Since then he has gone up and down with now great results until this season. Baseball is his passion, or he would have quit before this season based on his failures.

This guy looks like Paul Bunyan. In 18 games he has 15 walks. That equates to a .472 on-base percentage (would be 4thin MLB if he had more at-bats). He’s currently hitting .327 and his OPS is an amazing 1.308 (would be third in MLB if he had more at-bats). He’s 11thin the AL in WAR, not bad considering the team wasn’t sure if he would ever have this kind of impact but credit the Mariners for never losing faith in him.

If you missed this article

Check it out. He’s mentioned in there. Will he be on the MLB All-Star ballot? I would think so, but we’ve seen weirder things happen. I bet he isn’t, and he’ll have to be voted in by the fans.

Watch this guy. He’s everything that’s good about baseball. He’s the everyman, finally getting a chance, and now the Mariners can’t take him out of the lineup. I think he will continue to do this all year long. We’ll see, but the early returns on him have been very strong. I’m rooting for this guy.

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