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Donald Fehr and Bill Daly Discuss the 2016 World Cup, Olympics and More

As far as the upcoming World Cup of Hockey there were a few interesting developments that have come out. Even though we are starting to see team sweaters that doesn’t mean that they are the final version.

“I wouldn’t draw any conclusions that these jerseys don’t have advertising,” said Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner, NHL.

Deals could still be struck. It’s 199 days away so fans will have to wait and see what happens.

Right now this format seems ideal. It happens before the season starts in and players seem to favor this over something that happens in-season.

“Henrik Lundqvist said today that clubs will have time to prepare for this tournament. Team building and implementing a system that you don’t get if it’s mid-season,” said Daly.

Both sides are in this for the long haul. 2020 is most definitely going to occur.

“What I expect is we’ll do an exhaustive debrief of this event. I think after this event we’ll reach some significant conclusions on how to do the next one,” said Don Fehr, Executive Director, NHLPA.

So far the Dennis Wideman appeal is dragging. He’s missed 12 games and could miss a minimum of six more before a ruling occurs. Fehr is being very patient.

“I think the best I can respond is I don’t want to comment on the case, the length and how it’s transpired. It takes time, logistics and arbitrator……Doing it right most of the time is more important than doing it fast.”

The NHL and NHLPA have yet to say whether or not they will send their players to the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Right now no answer means there’s still a chance.

“The history is the real discussions take place sometime after the Summer Olympic games. I don’t think there are any differences this time,” said Fehr. “The Olympics has its own merits and issues. This is an event that focuses only on hockey. We don’t think this event precludes the Olympics.”
Stay tuned.

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