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Jornel Lugo Has the Makeup to Dominate His Bellator 278 Fight

Jornel Lugo is 8-0. In this business, that’s hard to do. According to Tapology, he’s ranked 94th in the world. His is a wild card bout for the Bantamweight Grand Prix in Hawaii on April 22nd. When you have the confidence that Lugo has, there’s no telling how far he can go.

“People in the top 10 are usually the best in the sport with 10-20 fights. I was in the to 10 at about 5-0. Pretty quick. I’m the baby of the tournament. My opponent, Danny Sabatello is 11-1,” Lugo stated. “The guy just wrestles the entire time. Shoots, pretty recklessly. Pretty thirsty, he needs that to work out. He’s very arrogant too. He just doesn’t work on other areas in his game. Maybe he does, and he just doesn’t grow? I don’t know. It seems every fight he brings the exact same thing to the table.”

For Lugo, it all started in Florida, and the kindness of a family member got his career started.

“I moved to Florida about nine years ago,” said Lugo. “I was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut. My oldest brother said I should box. I was just a kid. I sucked at all sports. I didn’t have the heart for it. I loved to wrestle around and fight my friends. When I was 14, I tried it for myself. I realized I was pretty good and fast. I was holding my own on my first day. It wasn’t MMA, just multiple disciplines.

“I came to Florida on a visit. My aunt took me to a gym closer to my house. I forgot about that. My aunt let me live with her. I was a pain in the butt. Now that you mention it. I have to get her something nice!”

Lugo is unusual and has no problem thinking about what lies ahead if he wins this fight.

“I do think about it. I don’t believe I don’t look past my opponent’s thing. When you fight you have to give 100% to that fight. As far as mental, physical, and spiritual preparation. If you do that what is the problem looking past your opponent,” Lugo asked. “Looking at Leandro Higo and giving it 100% and not looking at him and giving 100%. Either way, I’m giving 100%. I actually do that. I know I am going to fight Higo next. He’s a veteran, good, tough, and a veteran.”

Lugo is confident and driven. I can’t tell you for sure that he will win his match, but I can tell you he’s going to leave it all in the ring. Knowing that it would be tough to count him out. My guess is he continues to move up the ladder as he has been.

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