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New York Jets Keys To Playing Better Football

I was in MetLife Stadium to witness Zach Wilson’s first NFL win. The fans got gradually happier and more intense as the game went on. The first quarter was bad, and there were some boos, I don’t blame anybody for that. Then things started to change:

Jamison Crowder gave Zach Wilson confidence! A short-yard guy who can get first downs and not drop the ball.

Wilson has great chemistry with Corey Davis. At first, it wasn’t clear that Davis wanted to beat his old team bad enough. That changed after the first quarter.

Zach Wilson’s footwork came alive. It was magical at times. Some of the best escape ability in the pocket that I’ve seen since Fran Tarkenton. Google it.

This is the worst tandem of tight ends in my many years of watching the Jets, and that’s on Joe Douglas 100%.

When the Jets stopped being afraid to throw downfield, things opened for Wilson instead of having the walls closing in on him.

Michael Carter did get his first touchdown, but he also got nailed in the backfield for losses too many times. The jury is still out if he’s a #1 running back.

The Jets finally have a pass rush. That’s a big deal.

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