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Perry’s Ice Cream Unveils New Sabres Flavor – Let’s Dough Buffalo

Today, Akron, NY-based Perry’s Ice Cream released a new Buffalo-themed Sabres ice cream called“Let’s Dough Buffalo” (which, of course, is a nod to the famous Let’s Go Buffalo chant).  The ice cream is a combination of cookie dough flavored ice cream, crushed cookie swirls and cookie dough pieces. The product will be sold at Wegmans,

New York Comic Con Moments

The new captain Jason Isaacs (cover photo by del Tufo) on Star Trek Discovery made a surprise appearance at Star Trek booth and interviewed fans.   Max Landis, Samuel Barnett (Dirk, photo by del Tufo), Elijah Wood (Frodo from Lord of the Rings), and 4 others at panel. American Gods panel - Ricky

New Look Mets Front Office May Change the Team Outlook

Nobody is sure that the Mets will be aggressive in the free agent market this year. So far general manager, Sandy Alderson has accepted the resignation from Terry Collins and made him his special assistant. Then he fired Dan Warthen and stated he will stay with the team. Mets trainer

Fall Sports Book Reviews

The seasons keep changing and the sports books keep coming. They are focused on all kinds of subjects, approaches, dealing with different sports. Herewith, for your reading, exciting tomes dealing with baseball, football, tennis.          Hank Greenberg in 1938 by Ron Kaplan (Sports Publishing, $24.95, 235 pages) is an important book