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Joe Buck Was Seemingly in a Verbal War with Troy Aikman For Airtime

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but Troy Aikman came out victorious with the verbal war he either knowingly or unknowingly was involved in while calling the most important sporting event on that day. Troy Aikman, losing his voice at times, did all he could to breakdown plays and

The 49ers Game Plan Will Be Victorious Like The Jets in Super Bowl III

The Kansas City Chiefs have the glitzy offense, the best quarterback in the game in Pat Mahomes, all the offense you can want and yet I don’t think they’ll win on Sunday. Kyle Shanahan runs his game plan and when it works, he doesn’t deviate from it. Fans may not like

The Jets May Be the Worst Drafting Team in the NFL

Every regime claims they will fix it. Ownership has never brought in the right guys. Forgive me if I’m skeptical again, heading into another draft as the Jets season has crashed and burned. I’m not an NFL Draft expert, not by a longshot. I know the Jets and they’ve had a