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You Can Bet That Injuries Will Play a Big Part in the 2020 NFL Season

When the preseason officially ended, the Denver Broncos lost LB, Von Miller for the season with an ankle injury. They took a massive hit. On HBO’s “Hard Knocks Series” the Chargers lost free safety, Derwin James for the season with a knee injury. After that, there is a slew of

The Top Ten Most Impactful Sporting Events of My Lifetime

I retain the right to change this list someday, The New York Jets winning another Super Bowl is a fine example but that probably won’t happen. My back story is I couldn’t walk until I was five. The details aren’t important right now but it’s the reason I love sports.

Joe Buck Was Seemingly in a Verbal War with Troy Aikman For Airtime

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but Troy Aikman came out victorious with the verbal war he either knowingly or unknowingly was involved in while calling the most important sporting event on that day. Troy Aikman, losing his voice at times, did all he could to breakdown plays and