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New Music Alert

Here’s a list of some new music that you should give a listen to:

Dynamos Music has been on my radar for a few months now. They have a good sound, excellent vocals and a very tight band. Their new song “Knowledge” is hot. is their website.

James Bay has a video called “Wild Love” that has “Stranger Things” actress, Natalia Dyer in it. It’s easy listening for sure.

See more at

About the video and working with Natalia Dyer, Bay said, “It was such a pleasure to work with Natalia on the “Wild Love” set. She’s a lovely person, a huge talent and it was great hanging with her while making this video. I’m a massive ‘Stranger Things’ fan so I tried everything in my power not to fan boy too hard.

Next is a band called “Thunderpussy” and they have an interesting sound for sure. Their song “Torpe Do Love” is very haunting. Their website is

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