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Timex Ironman Run X 50 Plus Watch Review

Sometimes I like to challenge myself. I had another brand’s fitness band and that was good but I’m always willing to try something new and I’m glad I tried out the Timex Ironman Run X 50 + watch and here’s why:

Here are some tech specs:

Works with iOS 8.12 or higher. Android KitKat 4.42 or higher. Works with a few popular Fitness Apps. I will focus on Runkeeper and Pear Training and Intelligence.

This watch has four different faces. I love the analog look and make sure you turn on the option for the Indigo light. It works great in dark places and at night. Also the grey and green combo I am sporting looks cool. For $149 this watch has a ton of functionality without having another computer on my wrist. Also at just 40 grams the watch is light and the and comfortable and water resistant. It’s adjustable which fits my small wrist. It works well with it’s own app via bluetooth and I love the interval training feature. You can also listen to music on it and get all of your phone (including caller ID), texts, emails and social media alerts on it as well which is convenient. Battery life has been great and has lasted between 2-3 days each time.

The Pear headphones, app and heart monitor ($79.99, the app is free) really add to the watch. What it adds is world class trainers, who guide you through every workout and help push you. It’s a way of training that is perfect for non gym goers like me!

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While geared more for running it can be used for just about anything and you get analytics galore. Also the headphones are waterproof and comfortable and so is the monitor. You can also change the battery yourself on the bluetooth until which is a plus down the road when you might need to do that.

More on Runkeeper. I love the fact that it has a walking function. It shows a map of where you are and when it’s done the entire route. I like the fact that it updates me on my time and distance.

I will continue to use all of these in my daily workouts. I won’t use the heart monitor each time but I will use it to test myself for benchmarks. For the money this is a great alternative to a gym and a way to try and inject some fitness into your life. I’m almost 52 and living proof of that.

For more information visit: and join Timex Sports on social media: Facebook (, Instagram (@timex), and Twitter (@timexsports).

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