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Late Super Bowl 55 Betting Preview: Chiefs vs Bucs – Expert Analysis with David Strauss

Rather amazingly, the 2020-21 NFL season will make it the full way through with every single game being played during a COVID pandemic. Truly an astonishing feat for the league and its medical personnel. Super Bowl 55 wraps things up Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs are 3-point favorites on the NFL odds against

Antonio Brown’s Super Bowl Status is Up in the Air

Raise your hand if this is the least surprising news you’ve heard so far. Antonio Brown is questionable. We’ve heard this before, with countless other teams in other situations. Since the Divisional Playoffs, Brown has had exactly three receptions. One of them was a touchdown, but it’s been weeks since

Mecole Hardman Could Be a Factor in Super Bowl 55

While most people are focusing on Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce, enter Mecole Hardman, who is known mostly for his kickoff returns including the 104-yard run he had in his career. “I can run good routes. Most people don’t know that,” said Hardman. “Most of my routes are downfield.” Hardman has a

The Chiefs and Buccaneers Match Up Well Against Each Other

As the SBLV approaches, most of the focus will be on the two quarterbacks, the legendary Tom Brady for Tampa and the youngest and possibly best quarterback in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes. This game could be very close, but there are some key injuries that both teams have to overcome. The