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MLB Should Shutdown Spring Training and Delay the Season

This one seems like an easy decision. Yes, it affects local economies and jobs, but getting sick is worse, especially for those who don’t have health insurance or adequate funds. The Coronavirus is causing havoc around the world and the belief by the experts is we’re not through the worst of it yet.

Maybe this happens today, in the next minute, or the next hour. If you don’t have a 162-game season or you push it back 14 days, the league will get better weather early, and they can work it from there. My thinking is to have a 154-game schedule and start it sometime in April.

What’s worse, people getting sick or re-doing the schedule? Baseball is in a unique position because they haven’t started their season yet. Most players have now had enough spring training to know what their teams expect of them and teams have gotten a look at their players. Fans did attend some games, so it won’t be that weird.

Sports is an escape and I’ll continue to write about the players from many of them. I just won’t be reporting on games. That’s how I will deal with it since I do this for a living as an example.

At this point it looks weird, optics-wise, that spring training games haven’t been halted. Players can all put in the work on their own at this point and at least they had live reps. I don’t know if it’s worth the risk of thinking since the games are outdoors and it’s hot that people are any safer. We don’t have true data on that yet because this is a new disease and it’s not the flu.

If the games are on, I’ll watch them, but I’m an admitted sports junkie. If the games are temporarily suspended, I won’t complain. I will say that major league baseball is being proactive.

Let’s see what happens next;’

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