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The New York Jets Coaching Situation

The New York Jets have better personnel than the record indicates. I’m not saying they haven’t earned the record they have. What I am saying is that a team with some great players can’t function because the coaching has been substandard for most of the season. Todd Bowles gave the Jets

The Jets Should Trade for Drew Brees

On November 2nd let’s hope we wake up to hear that the New York Jets have traded _____ and a first round pick to the New Orleans Saints for quarterback Drew Brees. Ryan Fitzpatrick aside, if he can manage to keep the Jets around the .500 mark by Week 8

This Jets Loss Should Raise Concerns

In the words of Dallas Morning News baseball writer Gerry Fraley, what a beating! The Chiefs gave the Jets one at Arrowhead Stadium yesterday. In a game the Jets lost 24-3 to the Chiefs, it was not competitive. It was over in the first quarter. The Jets stunk offensively and defensively. It

Fitzpatrick Showed His Worth Against Buffalo

Last night showed why the Jets were willing to wait for Ryan Fitzpatrick to agree on a deal this offseason. He engineered a great second half drive that would put Jets running back Matt Forte in a position to score a couple of touchdowns.  He had Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker

Buffalo Could Be a Moment of Truth For Bowles

For all intents and purposes, the honeymoon is over for Todd Bowles. The second-year Jets head coach is facing a must-win game tonight. That’s a sign that it’s over. The Jets can’t go 0-2 if they lose to the Bills on Thursday Night Football. A loss, and there’s a good possibility the

Stigma of Same Old Jets Still Applies

Say this about the Jets. They are well-trained in the art of losing. They always show great determination in dodging victory. It’s been like this since my 36 years of existence on this Earth. So why should yesterday be any different than the last four decades? The Jets played well in the first

The Jets Biggest Issue Is Their Offensive Line

For the majority of the preseason we’ve heard it’s all about Ryan Fitzpatrick. The season rides on him. That’s partially true. We hear they have one of the best receiving cores, and a great defense and a solid running game but nobody addresses the state of the offensive line. Why?

Fitzpatrick’s Play Will Shape Jets’ Season

Sometimes we make it simple when it’s not. We place everything on one guy of the NFL’s 53-man roster. That would be the quarterback. In the Jets’ case, that is true. It comes down to how Ryan Fitzpatrick does this year if the Jets are going to be a playoff team or

Smith’s Time Should Be Up

The Jets are in a unique position where they may keep four quarterbacks on the roster. It’s unheard of. Teams rarely waste a roster spot to keep four quarterbacks. They prefer to keep a defensive player, a lineman or a special teams player to fill the regular season roster rather than