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The 1901 World Series Will Be Played

The 1901 Word Series never happened because players of the American League and National League had contract squabbles. Some of the teams mentioned in my book “Pioneers of Baseball” (release date is March 29th) were talked about. I set up a six-team tournament. They are all NL vs. AL teams. Home field advantage was random. I set up a 3-3-1 format, figuring it’s easier on the player since they’re travelling by train.

Cincinnati Reds (NL) vs. Cleveland Blues (AL)

Philadelphia Athletics (AL) vs. New York Giants (NL)

Chicago White Stockings (AL) vs. vs. St. Louis Cardinals (NL)

I’m using the OOTP engine to pull this off. They’re so accurate and these games will be played in full and I’ll tweet out the outcome and some quick highlights.

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May the best team win.

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