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Major League Baseball Must Improve to Stay Relevant

Major League Baseball needs an overhaul. Attendance is now secondary to corporate partnerships and television deals. As a matter of fact, attendance is so bad it’s declined in 21 markets in the first half of the 2022 season to the tune of 5.7%.  That’s just this season. Attendance has been dropping

Buckology – – The Mets Have a Lot of Work To Do

If you’re a New York Mets fan and are just happy that manager Buck Showalter has cured the clubhouse and the team is in “playoff contention”, then don’t read this article. Hoping a team can pull it out and be proactive in making that happen are two different things entirely. The

Buck Showalter is Already Complicating the Mets Situation

Buck Showalter was talking to the media recently and said that we will see what happens with Jacob deGrom for Opening Day, and I didn’t believe him. The way he said it, the sell job wasn’t good.  As you all know, five minutes later, ESPN breaks the story via a source

The Mets Winning Culture Has Returned to Queens

The Wilpons were afraid of knowledge that didn’t align with theirs. This lasted for 22 years. Every once in a while you could hear the frustration in his voice when he was on a broadcast. Hernandez knows hitting. Every Mets fan thought he should talk to players and fix what

Remembering Emile Francis

Emile was my hockey friend. An NHL legend. Most notably with the New York Rangers front office from 1964-1976. He was the head coach and general manager for much of that time. We would have long chats about hockey and baseball. Everything he told me about hockey is in my